Nitrate Screening clinic will be Tuesday, August 20 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Bring a clean 8 ounce jar of water that has been collected within prior 24 hours

Town of Richmond Residents

Wisconsin Central Limited, a subsidiary of Canadian National Railroad, contacted the Town of Richmond in early May of 2019.  They informed the town  they are working on a proposed project that involves the loading and unloading of automobiles that would be transferred to and from railroad cars.  The automobiles would then be trasported to Twin Cities auto dealers.  The facility would be located in the Northwest corner of the township, at the intersection of 105th St. and co. Rd. A/Hwy. 64 (aka as Old highway 64).  The facility would be located on a 76 acre site of which 34 acres would be blacktop.  This would allow for 2,328 automobile parking spots.  The property is owned by the Robert and Leona Asp Trust. 

The property is currently zoned Rural Residential, so not zoned for an industrial use site.  The facility is not compatible to the Town of Richmond comprehensive plan, the St. Croix County comprehensive plan, nor the City of New Richmond comprehensive plan

Major concerns of the Town are the noise factor, significant lighting concerns, truck traffic and the devaluation of property located close to the facility.  The Town Board opposed the proposed project.  Wisconsin Central Ltd. wants to meet with the town board in mid August.

The board encourages the residents of the Town of Richmond to attend this meeting.  The date will be posted on the website when it is determined.

For questions or concerns, please call Gary Knutson at 715-690-4661.

Plan Commission Meeting August 6

Plan Commission meets son August 6 @6 p.m.  Agenda Items:Review Berger/Lewis certifid Survey Map, Recommend Approval of Waters Edge First Addition

Estimated Population

The current estimated population for end of year 2018 is 3,693,  an increase of 97 from last year.