Recycling Center

Hours: Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm.
The recycling center is located at the Town Hall at 1428 100th St. We provide recycling and disposal options to our residents and are open to all St. Croix County residents for the collection of their mixed paper and mixed container recyclables. For information on fees, etc. contact Gary Knutson at (715) 690-4661.

Mixed paper/cardboard recyclables: $4.00
Mixed container recyclables: $2.00

Garbage: .20 cents per pound.

TV Sets:
13" --$25.00
19" --$30.00
27" --$35.00
TV Sets Over 36"---$45.00
Wood and Projector TVs--$55.00

Computer Monitors--$20.00
Other small electronics--$10.00 each


Appliances--$20.00 each

Fire Extinguishers--Free

Recliners-$25.00, Love Seats-$30.00 --with recliner--$40.00, Couches-$45.00--with recliners-$55.00 Hide-A-Bed-$50.00
Mattress & Box Spring ($25.00-$45.00 for each piece)
Single--$25.00, Full--$30.00, Queen--$35.00, King--$40.00, Cal. King--$45.00

Car Tire-$5.00-without rim, $8.00-with rim; Motorcycle tire-$4.00; Truck tire-$7.00 without rim, $12.00-with rim; Tractor tire-$35.00; Heavy Equipment tire-$45.00; Bicycle tire-$1.00.

Metals-No charge for metal. All non metal parts (foam, rubber, plastic) must be removed

WE DO NOT TAKE: Paint, Fluorescent light bulbs, Chemicals, Containers that once contained hazardous materials, concrete, railroad ties, asphalt or asphalt shingles.

WE DO NOT TAKE BURNABLE WOOD:  Wood pallets, Non-treated wood, Tree parts.

Each year we have a tire roundup and an appliance roundup.



  • GLASS bottles & jars
  • ALUMINUM, tin & steel cans and lids
  • PLASTICS #1-7 bottles, jugs, jars & food tubs
  • PAPER, flattened cardboard, newspaper & magazines


  • NO Plastic Bags/Film - gather them separately
    (bring to your local grocery store, Target or Walmart)
  • NO Used Paper Products (they can be composted)

Visit St. Croix County’s recycling website to learn more about how to Recycle Right, hazardous waste disposal, county collection events, the A-Z Recycling & Disposal guide and much more.

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